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I started out way back when "18 years old" as a stock boy in a grocery chain Bilo. I quickly worked my way to a position as manager of a store with 100 employees within 2 years. I was watching supervisor drink himself to death one day and had an epiphany that I did not want tat to be me in 20 years. So I took a military leave of absence from Bilo and joined the navy in order to get an education in electronics. I went to school for 2 years with the navy. Due to a technicality of my enlistment I was able to honorably leave the Navy 2 years after my schooling was completed. I went back to Bilo as manager but after 1 month was not happy so I found a small company job repairing video games. I knew this had no future so I started at the community college studying Electronic Engineering. When I graduated I got a job with Capsugel a div of Phizer as electronic tech. After a few months this led to an engineering position traveling world installing process control systems with HMI. I did this for 11 years until my Indonesian wife and infant daughter got banned from the USA due to Immigration red tape. I moved to Indonesia to be with my family running an online business which led to me setting up a furniture factory. I run and managed the factory until a year ago when we could not get any more orders...we went bankrupt. Now I am entering contests like this and anything else I can find. I am also trying to restart my online business reselling drop ship merchandise. For now we are relying on friends and family to live and eat. But I am sure we will soon get out of this hole and have a new start at the age of 55 years young.
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