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What Is Heaven

All good and perfect is not heaven.
You would have no reference so eventually all would be lost;
Per say all Bad is not Hell.

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a perfect balance of good and evil.

For example:
You have one man, one woman in paradise.
Today the man cheats the woman and the woman give the man everything.
Next day the woman cheats the man and the man gives the woman everything.
and so on, so on for all eternity.

But maybe heaven is not the same for everyone. When I really think about it I am so thankful for what I have in my little un-balanced world and I see that the grass is not that much greener over there than it is here.



The smartest man in the world long time ago bumped his head on the cave ceiling. It was at this monent he saw a light, maybe stars. The smartest man in the world realized he got a whole lot more from everyone else if he did not know how to do it.





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