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Starting Up A Business Indonesia

First let me clarify I still do not own a business in Indonesia personally. I am a customer of the company C.V. Architectural Manufacturing. My business is TradUR a US web based business that has been in operation since 2001.

We set up the furniture factory business is in my wife's name and I manage it just like any customer would whom is building furniture with any company. It is not easy nor profitable for a small business owned by a non Indonesian.

I supplement their profits with investments by purchasing machines. I offer advice when it comes to getting my furniture built.


Getting a business started here is not easy. I have advised my wife all the way through the process.

I am not going into details of how but why it was even necessary to start a furniture production factory.

There are thousands of small shops around Jepara. Most of these can build furniture 10 times cheaper than we can.

WHY, would we start a factory. The reason being is quality. Most of these small factories are not controllable. They are family owned and love new business but have enough to survive with out hassles of an outsider. If the outsider is willing to accept their poor levels of quality, no problem. Indonesia's biggest customer is Indonesia. Jepara produces huge amounts of furniture that is distributed all over Indonesia. Most Indonesians buy as is and there is no return policy.

What We Build

Old World Style Quality Custom Made and Designer From Master Furniture Artisans

We sell factory direct, no wholesale account needed, we ship world wide - TradUR Company

We only produce the highest of quality, high end custom made furniture by client specifications.
We also offer CAD design service for free to our buyers.

We have more than 10 years experience in furniture building with Indonesians and have reduced to almost zero % any problems you might have. We have our own production facility.

To start with all we need is a sketch or even an email description of your design ideas. Our engineers will work with you to produce 3D images of your ideas and help create your dream home.

- Extremely low pricing custom handmade furniture based on US prices.
- Highest quality furniture.
- European hardware, Blum Blue Motion Full Extending Glides.
- CAD designers assistance at no extra charge.
- International contacts in the furniture business, resellers, buyers.
- American Managed Factory in Indonesia.

Imagine sketching out your own furniture design and bringing it to life.
Our furniture goes beyond traditional designs, our clients say it best "It Is Works Of Art".

C.V. Architectural Manufacturing
Tegal Sambi RT01 RW01 Jepara, Indonesia 59425
(011 62) 85865670655 - Glenn Madden, Asia Regional Director
(011 62) 85290252189 - Zaenal, Designer
(011 62) 81325927775 - Teti Mutia, General Manager From The USA Call Toll Free 1 800 774 3959



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