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immigrationGlenn Keith Madden- This is what happend to my family starting in 2001.

My Indonesian wife married to me in the USA and the mother of our 2 month old daughter whom was born in America was exiled from the USA for 10 years because of some confusion over where to file her immigration documents.

Initialy my wife traveled with me on my business trips regularly. Then in 2001 she became pregnant with our daughter. We decided it would be best for our child to be born in the USA. My wife had entered the USA legally on a 5 year multiple entry Tourist visa allowing her to say for 6 months at a time. After a few months we realized she could not continue traveling with me me during the pregnancy. In order for her to remain legal in the USA I applied a form I-485 on her behalf so she could remain in the USA permanently



The I 485 for immigration of my wife was applied through the immigration office in Texas by mail as per instructions I read in the documents as where to file if you did not have a local immigration office. Small town Greenwood South Carolina does not have an immigration office in 2001 and I doubt now it does either.

It took 6 months for the office in Texas to tell us the I-485 was not accepted by the immigration office in Texas. They sent all of my documents back covered in many yellow sticky notes saying saying that Texas was the wrong office and I should re-file with my local immigration office. My home in Small town Greenwood South Carolina did not have an immigration office in 2001 and I doubt now it does either.

By this time our daughter had been born and I had been asked by my company to make a 2 month business trip back to Indonesia. My wife wanted to go and show off our new born daughter. So we decided to make the trip together and find out where to re-file the immigration documents when we returned to the USA.

We left the USA to Indonesia without any problems or mention of a tourist visa overstay by the airline or US immigration on leaving.

After 2 months in Indonesia I had completed my work. My wife wanted to say a while longer visiting with family before returning to the USA. I went back to the USA first expecting my wife and new born daughter to follow in another month.

My wife wanted to bring her grandson over for a visit. She went to the US Embassy in Jakarta to get a tourist visa for him.

The embassy saw where she had overstayed her previous visit to the USA on a tourist visa by a few months.

They scratched big lines in her passport though her 5 year multiple entry visa and said she could not return to the USA for 10 years due to the previous what they called an illegal over-stay.

She asked the immigration officer what about our daughter whom was an American citizen and could not remain in Indonesia for very long. They told her "get a divorce from your husband and we will send the child back to the USA for free."

After more than 2 years of filing waivers, begging for help from our state representative I ended having to leave the USA myself so our family could be together.

We have been living here in Indonesia since that time.

  • Glenn Keith Madden, Entrepreneur, Furniture Designer, Artist, Web site Designer, Writer, Adventurer and a lot photo Indonesia
  • Born and raised in Laurens South Carolina

My step daughter Yulia just got married to Richie Hooper of Australia.

I have not had much time for writing lately. I have been busy with our business a lot this year. I wanted to do some updates of my personal website because some things that are happening in our business is really exciting.

We have regular business clients now in Poland, Ireland, Oklahoma USA and South Carolina USA. Not much time left for the fun stuff. But I am proud that during these hard economic times our business is growing faster.


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Glenn Keith Madden am originally from South Carolina. I lived in Ware Shoals until the age of ten. Then we moved to Lauren's SC until I was old enough to join the Army National Guard at age 17, At which time I was on my own.

Long story short ... I am going to jump to the present for the introduction. Later I will add in stories of my life and adventures.

I am presently and have been for years living in Indonesia. I had married a woman from Bandung. She traveled around the world with me some until our daughter came along. This is the start of how I ended up living in Indonesia. My wife had been in and out of the USA on a tourist visa valid for 5 years multiple entry. When she got pregnant with our daughter I realized she was going to over stay the maximum per visit of 6 months so I applied for her a green card. This made her legal in the USA because the papers were in the immigration office. Well it took them 6 months to send me the papers back and tell me the office I sent it to could not process it and for me to use my local office. South Carolina has few immigration offices and there were no local offices. By this time my daughter had been born and my wife wanted to return to Indonesia with me for a short visit with family. I knew if I re-applied for the green card she could not leave the US until it was processed so we decided to wait until we came back from indonesia.

We left the USA without any problems. It was when we decided to come back to the US that the immigration cancelled my wife's visa due to the previous overstay. Anyway long story short I fought their decision for two years before I packed my bags and moved to Indonesia to be with my family and started my own business. That is where I have been the past 8 or 9 years.

My first 5 years here I lived in Bandung with my wife and daughter. About three years ago a group out Tulsa Oklahoma asked me to partner with them developing a furniture supply line from Jepara.

Our business is really starting to grow and over the past three years we have found ways to improve our quality. The talents of the Indonesians with some guidance can exceed those of anyone in the world building furniture.

For now I am just going to put some old writings I have done several years ago and get the web site up and running as Glenn Keith Over time I will be using this site to write my own biography and hopefully have some interesting stuff for anyone interested in world travel.

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