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Nasa Space Poop Solution

Hands Free Space Suit and an Invalid’s Body Waste Cleaning System
Modified Photos not to scale paint brushed in and information herein is to convey the basic idea and concepts. Detailed design specs to be concluded with NASA engineers experienced in space suit restrictions and a weightless environment.
I see a system like this having a two fold use.
1. The system designed to assist health care professionals with cleaning invalids, those who cannot clean themselves.
2. The system designed to be enclosed inside of a standard space suit to assist astronauts with body waste cleaning and storage for up to 6 days.
The system would utilize water tight material like used in a space suit.
It would be enclosing the male or female genitalia similar to underpants or jock strap.
A belt filter, containment would be worn around the waste to collect solids.
The belts internal filter approximate size of 2cm x 20cm x 100cm to be secured by adjustable straps and shoulder harness
The storage compartment size would allow approximately 3 liter of solid and liquid material
The solid waste filtration belt would be connected to a water circulation system flowing out into the under pants flushing water through under pants over the male or female genitalia then tapering back into a 1” semi rigid rubber tube that would be secured inside of and passing through the buttocks.
The side of the rubber tube facing the anal area would be open 25% exposing circulating water to capture solids as they exit. A small wheeled brush internal to the anal insert area turned by the water flow will assist with cleaning waste extraction into the water flow.
The polluted water exits the buttocks through the pipe and returns to the waste filtration belt.
Solids would be filtered and captured in varying degrees through the belt for even distribution back to the front return where you would have max filtration for urine and other smaller particles.
The system would run water through for 3 minutes then it would switch off allowing a separate pump to circulate air from the suits interior into the genitalia and buttocks area drying the skin.
The system could be activated manually with a button in front on the inside of the suit which you could depress by applying pressure to the outside of the suit. Another option would be a sensor detecting liquids or solids exiting the body.
As the system continues to run excess water would be diverted back into a secondary suit cooling system or filtered for drinking. The filtered water for drinking would reduce the amount of excess water over time.
Water absorbent garment/diaper as worn now would be worn over the system for extra safety precautions in case of any drop leakage.






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