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School Days

Before school actually got started my mom went and met the teachers. I remember one of the teachers telling my mom that she would stop me from crying when I got my feelings hurt. I have always had a hard time not crying during emotional times.

The best time I can remember in school was from my first grade. The school was in Wareshoals SC. It was an old school with a wooden floor that creaked when you walked on it. We would go into the classroom and everyone would take a seat. My first grade teacher was a sweet old woman named, Mrs. Goodbar. She would start the morning off with a short prayer of thanks to God that we could be there. Then we would sing the pledge of allegiance together harmoniously.

It was a simple time. I remember drawing these big letters of the alphabet on this paper with big lines on it. We also drew art with finger paints. I always did good and got a smiley face. Mrs Goodbar had this chart that she put stars on when we got good grades. I had the most stars. She thought I was special enough that she bought me a pretty blue checked shirt sometime during the school year. It was my favorite shirt. My mom even took my brother and me to her house a few times, as she lived only a few miles from us. I also made two friends, David and Wayne. They would tell me about things they did after school. I I remember in particular one time them telling me about a rocket they had. David was also very smart. I wanted to go see them but my mom was too busy. The first year went by pretty uneventful other than making a few friends.

It was the first day of second grade school and we had to take a bus. It was a big yellow bus that stank of diesel fumes. Other children on the bus were always yelling and screaming. The bus stopped after leaving my house at an elementary school. This was a connection point where I had to change the bus going to the grade school. I went to school and met some really mean teacher that was not nice to anyone. She made one girl cry in the class. We finished the day without much incident. On the way home I had to change the bus again. There was some time that I had to wait for the bus to come so I went to the bathroom. In the bathroom I found this older boy smoking. I went out and told the principal or someone. He must have got scolded but it did not scare him. A few days later he caught me outside and said he knew I told on him. He then tossed me about some and in the process tore my pretty blue shirt I had gotten from Mrs. Goodbar completely off.
My first six years of school were all pretty much the same. I do not remember any more run ins with the older kids.

I do remember that it was early in my school days that my mom started complaining about the system letting the black children go to the same school as me. She was sure that this would degrade my education. I later had friends that were black and even invited them to come to my house and play. My mom always had this attitude that she supposed it was OK. My dad never had much to say but used the word niger a lot. I learned that black people despised it and later on I did too. I suppose I have always had a problem seeing the color of people. Usually I do not even notice if someone's skin color is different than mine.

As my years in school progressed I saw more and more of a decline in quality of the education I got. By the time I reached high school I had to leave the school system it got so bad.

The problem with the school system in the USA today is that they have expelled God. I really do not understand why they would do that. They have given Satan a front row seat and back row seat. Most people in the government say it has something to do with equal rights or the constitution. They would say that church and state is separate, kinda like communism you know. They would also say that to be fare no religion is allowed in the school system. BULL CRAP ... atheism is a religion, is it not? A theory is what they would call most religions and scientists say it can not be proven that God even exists, more BC. They found a bunch of bones and scientists have linked them all together in a theory called Darwin's theory or something like that. It supposes that the cosmic universe through together quiet by accident a bunch of this and a bunch of that and somehow caused to come into existence a single living cell which then to survive evolved and kept evolving eventually giving birth to all the varied species of the Earth. This includes the all supposedly supreme being declared by himself, MANKIND. Modern scientists would have you believe that we are the beginning. They would have you believe that a bunch of cosmic dirt and minerals gave life to MANKIND THE NEW BORN "demi-god". Well I have news for them that is a religion. SO WHY DO THOSE BRILLIANT POITICIANS ALLOW THIS. Because Satan has paid for his front row seat with their money and power. Satan could care less if we even believe in him or not. His deal with God is to convince man that God does not exist. So far he is batting a thousand. If Christians and Muslims and Catholics and Jews AND... keep fighting how to worship, where to worship, what clothes to wear and so on, well you get the picture. Satan in the mean time has set up camp in the most powerful place he could find, the public school system. From there he teaches the children what he needs them to know right from the start. Since most parents are to busy now a days in the fast paced modern life to teach the children what they have learned the only thing the children get is that they are gods themselves. They have the power. They can do anything. They can be anything. No body has the right to boss them around. The Bible and all of its brothers and sisters are a bunch of messed up books with no accuracy. There are no "bones" to support the religious books, so on and so on.

WHAT CAN WE DO? Start with throwing out Darwinism. Secondly put real religion back into the picture as a whole. Bring in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, teach the children the truth. Teach them that there is a God, I think we can all easily agree to that excluding the Darwinists. If you get all of these religions back together you can start to see the truth of Gods words that mankind has confused for so long. Bring them together, not separated like the world tends to push them. That is Satan's work to separate the truth and mix in his lies so we can not find the truth. He can not change are destroy the truth of Gods words. He just has to mix in enough of his lies that man kinds half blind eyes want see the truth anymore. But all we need to do to find the truth is ask and look for it. I am not saying to teach any religion. I am saying teach a course that covers them all in honest truthfulness. Open the childrens minds so they will take the step forward to see the complete truth as God would have them know it if they only seek it.


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