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Time Travel is for Real, Scientists Look Into the Past Everyday

Do not believe everything you see and here even on major news channels. Recently I have seen numerous postings about what Nasa has found in deep space. They talk about it like it is happening right now.

For example "Potentially Habitable Planet's Shadow Spotted from Earth" by

If you read the small print they do tell you that it is 150 light yeras away, but few people see this and even fewer think about what it means.

It means that what the scientists saw in the Kepler telescope is based on light that took 150 years to get to the lens of the telescope. They are only seeing what happened there 150 years ago. As far as they know that planet may not even exist today.

This one NGC 6357 5,500 light years away, the Egyptians were building the pyramids at the time this light lwhich we see through the telescope eft its origin. "Astronomers Spy NGC 6357 — A Massive Stellar Nursery Located 5,500 Light-Years From Earth" by International Business Times

This one and others like it is what gets me confused. The scientists explain it as if it happening right now.

But it really happened while mankind was still living caves.

"Astronomers Find Hyper-Starburst Galaxy 12.7 Billion Light-Years Away" by Sci News

So next time yu here excitement from the scientific community keep an eye what year it happened in.

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